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As stated in the previous section, in order to provide you with continuous work and guaranteed hours per week, we need to establish your detailed consumer profile and demographics so we can determine a variety of products that you could test.

We will establish your consumer profile with the help of two reputable consumer research firms (below). After you register (free) with these two market research firms and answer their consumer surveys to establish your detailed consumer profile, we will know better your demographics and what types of products you could test with us.  

Please note that this job offer is only for candidates physically located in the US right now, so if you try to access the links from outside the US they won't work properly.

Please follow the 2 steps below to establish your consumer profile and demographics:

Step 1: Join Springboard America Consumer Panel

Springboard America is one of the leading online market research communities in the US, giving fellow Americans the opportunity to participate in discussions that will influence the brands, products, and services we all use every day!

Springboard America partners with organizations ranging from household brands, government bodies, not-for-profit organizations, and the media who want to better understand public opinion and inform their decisions. Sometimes you'll also see Springboard America polls reported in the media, helping to shape the debate on current issues.

Joining Springboard America allows you to voice your opinions with other community members from across the U.S. You will have the chance to be among the first to know about new products and services our clients are introducing. Your collective feedback will get to the companies and policymakers who shape our country’s future – your opinions will make an impact!

>>Click Here to Join Springboard America Consumer Panel<<

Springboard America Headquarters: Civic Opera Building, 20 North Wacker Drive Suite 1400, Chicago, IL

Step 2: Join the Vindale Research Consumer Panel

Vindale Research is a BBB Accredited company that specializes in building highly segmented consumer panels that help clients gauge product success, assess consumer perception and create revenue generation programs.  Vindale Research enables product evaluation and feedback that benefits both the client and the consumer panelist. Panelists are encouraged to test products and services and complete an 8-point survey about their consumer experience.   

>>Click Here to Join Vindale Research Consumer Panel<<

Vindale Research headquarters: 243 Fifth Avenue, Suite 541 New York, NY 10016

Step 1: Join LifePoints Consumer Panel

Lightspeed Research created and developed LifePoints, a home for consumers to share their views and opinions. Lightspeed is ranked as the world’s largest provider of custom research and analysis, operating globally across 70 countries. 

Today, LifePoints is a community of over 5,000,000 members from all over the world. Their contribution influences future products, services, and brands by participating in consumer research. Consumer research is discovering what people like, dislike, want and desire by asking for opinions about products and services. This is done through surveys, product testing, and data collection.   The contribution of LifePoints' members is very important as they shape the products and services of the future that can change people’s lives and make them easier.  Innovations inspired by our members include airbags, antilock brakes, cash reward credit cards, and baby & toddler safety car seats, to name a few.

>>Click Here to Join LifePoints Consumer Panel<<

LifePoints (Lightspeed Research) Global Headquarters: 3 Mountain View Road, 3rd Floor. Warren, NJ 07059

Step 2: Join the VIP Voice Consumer Panel

VIP Voice is part of The NPD Group. The NPD Group, founded in 1967, provides market information and advisory services to help companies make better business decisions.  The world’s leading companies rely on NPD Group to help them develop and offer the right products and get them in the right places at the right prices for the right people in order to grow their businesses.

As a member of the VIP Voice online research community, you can make a difference when you offer your feedback about the products you buy, services you use, stores you shop in, and much more. The companies and brands you love rely on this information, and the media often quote it in news reports.  

>>Click Here to Join the VIP Voice Consumer Panel<<

The NPD Group, Inc. (VIP Voice) headquarters: 900 West Shore Road Port Washington, NY 11050 USA

Step 2: Join Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel

Nielsen, founded in 1923, enables companies to understand consumers and consumer behavior. Nielsen measures and monitors what consumers watch and buy on a global and local basis, is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 40,000 people worldwide. By joining the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, you will have the ability to influence the products you see on store shelves when you go shopping.    When you become a member of Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel, you are joining thousands of US households already helping to shape the future of the Internet. Learning more about what you do online will actively help businesses and consumers discover Internet trends.   

Nielsen US headquarters: 85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004   

>>Click Here to Join Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel<<

Step 1: Join Harris Poll Consumer Panel

Harris is one of the oldest and most prestigious Consumer Research companies in the world. Since 1963 Harris has delved into and analyzed every aspect of North American life. Harris works with 74 of the Fortune 100 companies and partners with more than 500 public relations firms, including the globe's top 20. 

As a member of the Harris Poll Online, you will have the opportunity to influence important decision makers in government, business, and non-profit organizations. Your voice will shape future policies, new technologies, and the latest products. 

Harris Poll (a Nielsen Company): 155 Corporate Woods, Rochester, NY 14623

>>Click Here to Join Harris Poll Consumer Panel<<

Don’t forget to confirm your email address using the link emailed to you by Harris upon registration!

Step 2: Join Toluna Consumer Panel

Toluna provides market research services to clients on a global basis and is a pioneer in the dynamic world of market research, data collection, reporting, and visualization.  Toluna introduced the world’s largest social voting community (7.8+ million members in 46 countries) where people have fun and feel valued while expressing their views.  For brands, this leads to deeper, richer insights that inform the important decisions they make to strengthen their businesses.

Join Toluna to tell major brands what you think about their products and services and make your opinions count.

Toluna Group: 21 River Road Wilton, CT 06897

>>Click Here to Join Toluna Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join InboxDollars Consumer Panel

InboxDollars is one of the world’s leading online rewards club that pays members cash for their online and mobile activities. InboxDollars is an award-winning company recognized for outstanding growth that connects consumers and advertisers in a way that benefits both. Brands pay InboxPounds for consumer feedback, for taking surveys and for trying new products. 

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars is an Inc. 5000 company that pays real cash to millions of members (members have earned over $43 million worldwide since 2006).

InboxDollars is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business since 3/14/2012 (CotterWeb Enterprises, Inc.).  Top brands trust InboxDollars' integrity and experience in developing relationships between brands and consumers to get consumer feedback in association with consumer research firms. 

>>Click Here to Join InboxDollars Consumer Panel<<

InboxDollars Headquarters: 1295 Northland Dr. Ste 300, Mendota Heights, MN 55120

Step 2: Join i-Say Ipsos Consumer Panel

i-Say Ipsos is a leading global market research company that provides a fresh perspective on the issues and trends of today. i-Say Ipsos conducts more than 70 million interviews yearly for more than 5,000 clients in over 100 countries. Founded in 1975, i-Say Ipsos is the third largest survey-based research firm in the world with more than 15,000 employees in more than 80 countries worldwide.

With i-Say Ipsos, you can share your thoughts on a variety of topics, including global brands, entertainment, fashion, music, lifestyle, household products and more.  Your feedback is conveyed to influencers, trendsetters and decision makers, allowing them to improve the products and services that you benefit from. You can interact with our surveys online, on mobile devices or you can receive products to test at home.

i-Say Ipsos headquarters: 360 Park Avenue South 17th Floor, New York, NY 10010

>>Click Here to Join i-Say Ipsos Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join Survey Voices Research Panel

Join the Survey Voices Research community for FREE and qualify for a wide variety of paid consumer research surveys.   View exclusive offers in exchange for your valued opinions and make money by sharing your thoughts and influencing products.

>>Click Here to Join Survey Voices Research Panel<<

Step 2: Join Survey Junkie Consumer Panel

Survey Junkie is an online community with over 3 million members dedicated to making consumer's voice heard.  Survey Junkie opens the window of communication between consumers and the brands they love.  Survey Junkie connects your voice to big brand companies, helping shape our world.  See your opinions and suggestions reflected in the products and services of tomorrow.

Make a difference as a consumer, be an influencer, share your opinion to help brands deliver better products & services. Shape products and services that are meaningful to you and get rewarded for your participation.  Your opinion can change today the products of tomorrow.

>>Click Here to Join Survey Junkie Consumer Panel<<

Survey Junkie Headquarters: 1200 S. Brand Blvd. #200, Los Angeles, CA 91204

Step 2: Join E-Poll Market Research Consumer Panel

E-Poll provides the venue, the research expertise, and the technology for you to share your thoughts with companies that provide products and services you use every day.  Join the thousands of people who are earning rewards for their opinions.

E-Poll is a member of the BBB OnLine Reliability Program.  E-Poll is part of Bridge Entertainment, Inc., a company accredited by the BBB and has been in business for 20 years. 

E-Poll Market Research Headquarters (Bridge Entertainment, Inc.): 16133 Ventura Blvd #905 Encino, CA 91436-2413

>>Click Here to join E-Poll Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join Panda Research Consumer Panel

Panda Research is a consumer research company that works for trusted brands performing market research studies through paid surveys and offers for consumers.  Panda Research has paid $2,207,959 USD so far to consumers for their opinion about products and services.  Please note that these payments are an extra incentive from Panda Research for consumer participation, but they're not your potential employer.  Your potential employer is American Consumer Panels and we pay by the hour to test products after we determine a wide variety of products that candidates could test for us and after we determine eligibility by establishing the demographics and detailed consumer profile of candidates with the help of Panda Research and other consumer research firms.

>>Click Here to Join Panda Research Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join PineCone Research Consumer Panel
PineCone Research is a trusted leader in voicing the opinions of consumers nationwide. Companies are seeking consumer's input to develop new and improved products. By completing PineCone Research's online market research surveys, your opinions will directly influence tomorrow's products today.

As a PineCone Research panelist, you are part of an elite group that represents consumers and households like yours nationwide. Your opinion is very important to manufacturers who count on people like you to help predict which products will be developed and which may not be suited for launch.

PineCone Research is part of Nielsen, a global information and measurement company with leading market positions in marketing and consumer information, online intelligence, television and other media measurement. Nielsen has a presence in over 100 countries. 

Pinecone Research headquarters: 250 East 5th Street, 9th Floor, Cincinnati, OH, 45202

>>Click Here to Join Pinecone Research Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join ClearVoice Research®

ClearVoice Research® is a leading provider of market research and intelligence to corporate and non-profit clients in financial, healthcare, consumer product and B2B markets. ClearVoice Research® provides full service Qualitative & Quantitative research services, analysis, reporting, and consultation. 

ClearVoice Research® are experts at recruiting, building, and managing private and public research panels, and their proprietary technology supports branded and blind panel management for their customers. Their 1.3 million panelists are profiled with detailed data points and data integrity and accountability are paramount while providing a positive experience for both their clients and panelists. Their team is empowered with one of the most sophisticated project management systems in the industry.

Headquarters: Clear Voice Research, LLC, 1675 Larimer Street Suite 640, Denver, CO 80202

>>Click Here to Join ClearVoice Research® Consumer Panel<<

Step 1: Join EarningStation Consumer Panel

EarningStation offers collaborative solutions to find global target audiences, program engaging surveys, view data and get the high-quality insights needed to make smarter business decisions about products and services.  EarningStation and their top research partners reward their members for their daily online activity such as watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online, playing games and signing up for great products.

Thousands of members are earning real rewards everyday. Join EarningStation and start getting real rewards for your time!

EarningStation (Massfinity) headquarters: 300 Trade Center, Suite 3590 Woburn, MA 01801

>>Click Here to join EarningStation Consumer Panel<<

Step 2: Join Nielsen Digital Voice Consumer Panel

Nielsen, founded in 1923, enables companies to understand consumers and consumer behavior. Nielsen measures and monitors what consumers watch and buy on a global and local basis, is active in over 100 countries and employs approximately 40,000 people worldwide. By joining the Nielsen consumer panel, you will have the ability to influence the products you see on store shelves when you go shopping.    When you become a member of Nielsen Digital Voice, you are joining thousands of US households already helping to shape the future of the Internet. Learning more about what you do online will actively help businesses and consumers discover Internet trends.  

Nielsen US headquarters: 85 Broad Street New York, NY 10004   

>>Click Here to Join Nielsen Digital Voice<<

Step 1: Join Valued Opinions Consumer Panel

Valued Opinions is part of Research Now Group Inc., founded in 1999 and recognized in the market research industry for setting high quality standards through the combination of innovative technology and proven research practices.  With over 6.5 million members in 38 countries worldwide, Research Now Group Inc. is a leading global online sampling and data collection company that employs over 1200 people in over 20 offices around the world.

When you register with Valued Opinions Consumer Panel you help businesses design, package and deliver successful products and services of the future.

Research Now Group Inc. (Valued Opinions): 58 West 40th Street 16th Floor, New York, NY 10018

>>Click Here to Join Valued Opinions Consumer Panel<<


After this stage of establishing your consumer profile, we will contact QUALIFIED candidates only as soon as an In-Home Usage test that matches the demographics, consumer profile and client's needs starts.

Thank you for your time and interest!  

We will contact you for further information about  gathering your demographics and detailed consumer profile.

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