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Questions and answers for In-Home Usage Testers (Product Testers from Home):
Is this a legitimate company?
American Consumers Panels is a verified member of FTC Guardian, which means we comply with the Federal Trade Commission truth in advertising and we honor our Privacy Policy Assurance. You can check the FTC Guardian badge in the footer area on our website.

Beware of websites that "review" other companies and tag them as "Scam" or "Avoid". What these "review" sites do is to take advantage of naive visitors by attracting them to read "reviews", but what they really want to do is to promote their own programs and/or get paid to show advertising. If you see on a "review" site other programs being promoted or advertising on the same page, you're being a victim of "click bait".
Is this job opening available if I'm out of the US?
This job offer is available only to candidates physically located in the US right now.  By contract we can't send products to test outside of the US .
Do I have to pay to become an In-Home Usage Tester (IHUT)?
No, you don’t have to pay or buy anything to be an In-Home Usage Tester. Beware of sites or job openings that ask you to pay or buy something to apply or to work with them.  If for some reason you are asked to pay for anything during our application process please let us know because we would like to investigate further.  Please provide specific links and screenshots so we have specific material to investigate.
How In-Home Usage Tests (IHUT) Work and How Can I Become a Product Tester?
First, you’ll need to establish your demographics and detailed consumer profile with the help of 2 or 3 consumer research firms we work with. Consumer research questionnaires will be used at this stage of your application process to determine a wide variety of products you could test according to your demographics (age, gender, marital status, etc.), lifestyle, consumer behavior, skills, hobbies, abilities and other criteria. After your detailed consumer profile is determined we'll contact you if you qualify for an In-Home Usage Test that fits your demographics, consumer profile, our client’s needs and other criteria.
How do I know this is not a scam?
We can reassure you this is a real job opportunity with the following:
-We never ask you to pay or buy anything to become an In-Home Usage Tester
-We are a publicly known company, we have even been featured in several publications that you can check here:
-We have performed hundreds of product tests, you can check some of them here:
-We have a real physical address and phone number:
-We are certified by the recognized McAfee Antivirus as a secure site, you can check the certification seal on our website and through this link:
Do you guarantee a certain number of hours per week?
Yes, we guarantee 15-20 hours per week, that's why it's so important to accurately respond to the research questionnaires we use to determine a wide variety of products you could test in order to provide you with continuous work and guaranteed hours per week.  Guaranteed hours per week are established since the beginning of each project.
On the initial Application questionnaire: "I'm stuck in the 1st (or 5th question), the page freezes after answering and I can't proceed. What do I do?"
That issue seems to be related to a certain web browser version, we recommend you to use a different web browser or simply  use another device (smartphone/tablet/laptop/desktop). If the problem persists, please send us an email to for an alternative solution. 
What kind of products are tested?
All the time new products are tested, but you can see some examples of products that have been tested on our Product Testers Pictures Gallery:
When I try to sign up with a panel it says they're not accepting new members/can't process my application.  What can I do?
If you get a message saying that no more members are being accepted or that your application can't be processed, please send us an email to and we'll find a solution for you.
When and how do I know if I get selected?
After you create your profile with the consumer research companies we work with, they'll continue building your detailed consumer profile during the next few days. If you do not hear from us within 9 days after your application, it probably means that there's no In-Home Usage Tests projects that match your specific demographics, consumer profile and client's needs at the moment, but your information remains active in our network of In-Home Usage Tester for future projects. We will contact you when an In-Home Usage Test that suits your demographics, consumer profile, client's needs and other criteria starts. 

Please note that we make all efforts possible to employ all qualifying applicants, however not all candidates can be selected for the job openings available. Only selected candidates will be contacted, and this normally happens within the first 3 weeks after application.
What happens if I get selected?
If you qualify as In-Home Usage Tester after establishing your demographics and consumer profile, we'll contact you by email and request your physical address to send you the product to test for a week or two. The participant may also have to sign and return non-disclosure agreements before the product is shipped. Individuals that qualify and complete the required documents will have the products sent to their homes. Once the product testing period finishes, product testers are paid.  
Why don't consumer research companies mention paid product testing on their sites?
Please remember that your potential employer is American Consumer Panels®, not the consumer research firms we work with.  We use these consumer research companies just to gather your demographics, detailed consumer profile and determine a wide variety of products you could test with us in order to guarantee certain hours per week and continuous work. We work with these trusted consumer research firms because they're specialists in the field of consumer research and also because of their security and privacy policies.
What tasks do I have to perform as a Paid Product Tester?
For a complete description of the job and duties of an In-Home Usage Tester please refer to the appropriate link in our Careers page:
What’s the frequency of tests?
In-Home Usage Testing projects arise less frequently than market research surveys because clients of product research/development companies typically first conduct consumer research surveys with images and descriptions of new/modified products. By gathering feedback through this method first, they then move on to the product testing phase. Those wishing to become product testers are advised to create a profile with several consumer research companies, as this increases the likelihood of being selected to participate in a future assignment.
How much, when and how do I get paid?
In-Home Usage Testing is paid per hour and testers are requested to use the product for a certain number of hours per week depending on the product. Each product testing project has no less than 15 hours/week and hourly rate depends on the tasks required to test the product, the type of interaction with the product, skills or abilities required to use the product and the economic value of the item being tested. Historically, hourly rates for paid product testing have been between $25/hr. and $45/hr. in the US depending on the product to be tested and the project.

In Home Usage Testers are paid after each assignment is finished by mailed check or direct deposit (our preferred and recommended method)
Can I keep the product I test?
In most cases product testers get to keep the product tested for free.  
Questions and answers for clients (companies that want to test products):
Do you offer free consultations?
Yes, if you are a Brand Manager, Product Manager, Research Manager or small business owner interested in In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) consumer research, please contact an account manager at to book a FREE CONSULTATION
Do you offer nationwide In-Home Usage Testing?
Yes, American Consumer Panels® now offers national In-Home product placement options that are ideal for testing in specific or broad-based geographies.
What services do you offer for product research?
American Consumer Panels® conducts various in-home product tests which include some of the following elements: participant screening/recruiting; scheduling; product handling, placement and installation; ongoing surveys to measure product performance and satisfaction; journaling including photography and/or cellular snapshots; analysis and reporting; help line, etc.
If after reading this FAQ section you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to:

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