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Articles about In-Home Product Testing role in the market research industry

3 Case studies about In-Home Usage Testing from Mindseye Research Group

Creative In-Home Usage Testing for a sportswear manufacturer, a household cleaning product
and a major manufacturer of durable goods:

Product Testing Secrets, by Jerry W. Thomas, from Decision Analyst – Strategic Research

“Based upon 40 years of marketing research experience spanning thousands of research projects, product
testing is the single most valuable marketing research that most companies ever do”:

Case Study: Cost Effective and Efficient In Home Use Test with GreatBlue – itracks Board

GreatBlue approached itracks to help develop insights for a leading floor cleaning unit manufacturer. The client fell
in love with the technology, and the participants had a blast cleaning their floors (imagine that!):

In Home Use Test – (IHUT) – What’s it all about?, by Michael Holmes, founder of EMI – Online Research Solutions

“In Home Usage Testing, commonly shortened to IHUT, is a cost effective way to test your product with real consumers before moving forward with a full fledged product launch”:

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